Thursday, July 8, 2010

What to do after 30 days?

Another 15 days to go (more or less lah) and I'll be free to eat and drink what I like.

So, what have I planned for this time? Yup, of course already planned...

Breakfast - coffee (at home) then dimsum with mum
Lunch - cos it's friday, if I've not had my share of briyani before this, then it shall be briyani, otherwise skip lah, dimsum would last till dinner-time (it usually does cos we eat alot) ;p, worst case, IKEA foodcourt nyumyum
Dinner - if its not briyani for lunch, then perhaps the Lamb Kabsah (in Cyberjaya), otherwise maybe dinner at someplace serving western food, or even some foodcourt so I could sample everything

Terrible, right? hahahaha I'm just so bored eating the same old soup daily, twice a day. Well, of course the other dishes change slightly, but DAILY same soup!! Adoi!

And then of course, some shopping after that! :)


Fong said...

hehe... wat to do. skejap jer da half way tru confinement =) cool, another month to enjoy =) ble ckp enjoy ke?? w so much to do...

reitak said...

erm njoy jugak la kali nih...ntah, weather cool kot :)