Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Kinda fast lah, it's already 2 weeks post delivery.

She now has more or less a schedule/system, but the not-so-fav part of it all is that she will pass-motion after her feed, esp at night and sometimes this 'process' will take an hour or more. And during that hour, you will have to entertain her, i.e. carry/cuddle or talk to her or else she will bring the house down. Worse is even her small whines will wake her suddenly-ever-so-sensitive-brother.

Weight gained during pregnancy - approx 7kg
Weigh-in at 7 days after delivery - (-) 10kg

hahaha I loike! Let's hope it stays that way :)
And let me find time (after the next 2 weeks) to start training :p


isabelle said...

wow! awesome. i gained 19kg during my 1st pregnancy.hahaha.
but still i managed to get my figure back.
haihh..kesian pulak i dengar psl AIR2 mcm tu. hope she'll be ok soon.

Fong said...

auww.. so nice =) 3 kg less... =) keep it up... cant wait for the 'training' session =)

Dancing Ciken said...

wah tak aci! hahaha

reitak said...

Is, you lagi hebat a!! :) tuler, I hope she'll b like her bro after the confinement, cos my mum said I used to cry alot during her confinement but it magically went away after tat period :)

Fong, oh yes!

Jaja, hehehe takpe, u dah back to before what...