Friday, July 16, 2010

Roller Coaster

I think my emotions are like a roller coaster at the moment. (This just happened few days ago)

Nope, not post-natal depression or anything post-natal related but I just feel like it's not so 'normal'. hehehe

Losing my appetite too. (This started since a week plus back, I think) This I say is from eating the same herbal soup daily twice a day, almost the same dishes daily and oh well, it just isn't very apetizing. Anyway, not complaining much, just eat and it's supposed to be good, but the thing is, I notice my portions are smaller and smaller by the day and it takes mammoth 'strength' to eat it all. hahaha Tak makan kang, mum pulak bising kan? dah penat2 masak for us.

And that is also why I can't wait to put on my running shoes and just get out and go for a walk...

Erm, no insanity hasn't kicked in, though I've been confined to the many corners/walls (not the usual 4 only) of my home-on-the-air, looking out to the now barren land which was a forrest 3 weeks back. OK, there still is a forrest behind that barren land.

Neways....another struck off the calender...


isabelle said...

rollercoaster pun ada track yang lurus kan?hold on!

Dancing Ciken said...

i pun dulu rasa benda yang sama, after two months baru hilang semua tu. nasib baik CK seorang yang penyabar. kena berbincang dengan your partner elok2 kot?

anyway, kalau u free u can try these (utk tambah susu katanya, tapi link blog tu i terhilang plak)

air rebusan mata kucing

1. buah mata kucing kering 10 biji
2. buah kurma merah 5/10 biji

rebus dalam periuk then simpan dalam fridge. bila u nak minum, ambik sikit air rebusan tu campur air suam + gula

or here

Dancing Ciken said...

hah i found the link,


hope this will help

reitak said...

Is, yah..guess its just partly boredom of being stuck at home with bb which spends 3hrs stuck to me in the evening after her feed and pretends to sleep :)

Jaja,, air cat's eye tu i minum tiap ari masa pantang...its chinese nourishing drink...:) tapi takde diff for me sgt. thanks for the link, i'll go check that out.