Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've this sudden urge to want to eat macaroons.

Adoi, it's so difficult to find. Found one online, but when I sent an email to enquire, no reply. Then another, I've got to drive out to Jln Tun Razak so that'll have to wait.

Hmmmm no, I'm not going to attempt to make them cos the ingredients are different from what I have on hand and abit more tedious in preparation.

Guess it'll have to wait!


LoveZahra said...

hehehe..mengidam lepas pantang pulak yer..1st time to know..macaroni tu i taulaa..tempting jugak nak rasa..hihi

isabelle said...

sedap tak macaroon ni? i pun x pernah try

Fong said...

this is macaroon?? i saw it during honeymoon.. but coz the writing is foreign, tak tau ape tu.. cam biscuit?? i didnt try pun.. sedap ke??

Dancing Ciken said...

errr jugak

reitak said...

zila, is - mmg nice but can be quite sweet

fong - oooo yup, mmg its french origin

jaja - good 'energy booster' during a ride, hehehe manis :P