Thursday, July 8, 2010


Now, when will I regain that? Opps regain? hahaha, it was never there, except for the skinny legs, the ultra-flat tummy?? hehehe

So, lets see...if I can squeeze in a walk before that plan to f00d-binge of mine, it'll be superb. Otherwise it can wait till the next day, Saturday.

Day 1 - Walk, walk faster, brisk walk and gym-ball
Day 2 - Brisk walk, gym-ball
Day 3 - Brisk walk, slow jog, gym-ball
Day 4 - Slow jog, gym-ball
Day 5 - Jog -lah!

Well, it should remain as jog, and short runs, but bearing in mind all this in a hilly I will have to see how my under-used knees (only used for weight bearing during the 9 months) will survive the first few days before I push myself along.

Then there's the fasting month coming up, 2 weeks after I gain 'freedom' ....and 2 weeks after Raya IS Newton Run...alamak! ;p



Fong said...

hihi.. siap ade schedule yg tak tahan tu.. =) u forgot the stroller in the pic =) tp stroller tu later la kot..

isabelle said...

hush...semangatnye. i masa pregnant & x pregnant...liat tul nak exercise

Dancing Ciken said...

the problem with stroller, i suka drift macam F1, huahahaha

reitak said...

Fong, yup stroller tu later kot...konon nak motivate lah...dah sign up 12km...;p

Is, masa preg, I have to be sedentary...tak cukup now its back in action!

Jaja, WOW drift! hebat tuh!! nak try gak la...tapi here bukit ;p