Sunday, July 4, 2010

Then and Now

Stay away from my sista!

It's funny, looking back at things...
1st baby, I was so much more tired. Maybe becos in the day, baby slept shorter spurts. But he was a good baby at night. Now, baby sleeps longer hours and she's also an angel at night.
I tend to want to nap more in the afternoon then, but failed miserably. But now, I have the luxury to, but don't always make use of it.
I was literally waited on hand and foot, especially in the first 2 weeks, now, if I don't ask, it is assumed that I'll do it myself. hmmmm no more princess-treatment ;p
I was so rajin at changing nappies (yup, used cloth nappies for the first month) and now am just so lazy...thank God its only 1.5 yrs apart...I wonder how it will be if the gap was larger ;p
Luckily it's the time of the year when the weather's really nice and cold, compared to previously, where it was dry and hot...made things really unpleasant throughout the 30-days...
Most people experience that during the 2nd baby, milk supply will definitely increase, but not in my case. Yup, very strange. During my 1st, I had so much during the 1st night itself, I was engorged the next morning cos baby didn't drink much then. I had overwhelming supply. Now, I'm 1/4 of the previous mark and its really not motivating. Though this time, I'm taking feenugreek, the 'milk tea' and also another yet to be consumed supplement, the alfalfa tablet. But so far, though its on the low side, it's just enough for the baby girl. Small appetite. :)
Me: Asrul, let's go see Alvina....
Asrul: Na na... (that's his version of Alvina)
and then we walk over to the baby cot.


isabelle said...

sayang betul dia kat adik dia ye?
i hope adam will be a good brother too.

[-suziey-] said...

so sweet la...syg adik gitu..

Fong said...

hey, name jer bercuti.. hub g course, i byk time extra.. ble jln2, surf etc etc =) was waiting for this pic,nak tau how asrul w sista dia.. nana pun jd lar =)