Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lahad Datu, here I come....

This is going to be my first ever outstation trip after having 2 kids, without them tagging along!

Planned for 3 days, but looks like it's gonna be 4 days. Work, work and work!

Keeping fingers crossed that AIR2 will be well by then (she sleeps through the night if she's well), and AIR1 will not be extra manja. But then again, AIR1 knows when to and not to be manja. He's extremely clingy to me these 2 weeks..

So 4 days away may mean I may get to slot in some workouts ;p but then Lahad Datu gets dark early. I'm not about to wake up too early when I have the chance to sleep in a bit longer ;p

And, after coming back, I'll be going for a race with none other than Fong! YAhoo!! It's going to be our first race together ever since erm...(ok, I shall leave the years out) we knew each other. Technically, we never partnered or teamed up with each other. Yalah, mix team always has us separated and we were always short of members to make a full women's team. Excited excited! (as though it's my first race ever!)

Lets hope dear hubby will not be driven up the wall by AIR1. And he will be in good health throughout that week!


LoveZahra@Fazahra said...

mummy boleh tido lena ek..sure rindu giler kat AIRs kan.. :)

reitak said...

Hmmmm ntah, but the idea is to tdo sebanyak yg buleh ;p

Fong said...

yeay!!! hehe, our first was lady's team lar... u, relin, may & me =) kat bkt besi, sumwhere near army camp.. hihi..

reitak said...

Aha...some more menang kan?heheh at the RMC adventure race...hehehe