Thursday, November 11, 2010

No break....

It seemed like this site was where things decided to just go wrong!

Day 1 - it was deeper than we thought, so took much longer than we expected.
Day 2 - after all that extra depth and off-sets, the cutter was not sharp anymore, hence anymore cutting was slow and not effective. Thank goodness the contractor managed to source a temporary replacement.

and because of that, we still have to work on Day 3, when in actual fact, we would actually only need to worry about packing to go home. Oh's not always smooth and easy ride out there.

And after 2 nights, I've still not got out of bed for a morning run, which I had been planning to. By 630am, I just decided it was too bright and hot for me to run. And so I decided to put on the snooze and sleep for another 30 minutes. Now, tomorrow it WILL not be the same! I shall drag my bu&& out of bed for at least a 30min run towards the shore and along the road parallel to the sea (no beach lah) before heading out to site. That's the benefit of staying close to the site.

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