Monday, November 22, 2010


It's not what it supposed to be :)

Read - ya (the baku version) with - am (also baku version)

And that's what lil' AIR1 started to call his daddy.

Location 1 - back in the kg where there's no internet connection

Scene - packing the car to go home.

Me: Yang, you'll have to carry him later cos his shoes are in the car, ok?

AIR2: yaaaam! (his version of 'yang')

and so it stuck with him for a while. I had to use Daddy again and only he followed :)

Location 2 - shopping centre in KL

Scene - walking about and I was carrying AIR2, all of a sudden...

AIR2 - yaaaaam!

I was puzzled but then I realised he was calling out for daddy cos he was ahead of us. I had to correct him again. :)


isabelle said...

hihihi..comel la.
lil adam pun dah start panggil me/mrhubby 'cinta' bcoz there are times we addressed each other that way.

Fong said...

haha.. kids jadi gitu ke??? kene b v careful yek?? hehe...

reitak said...

Isabelle, hehe cute kan they copy?

Fong, yup and entertaining too...he tried to scold the driver of another car one day in an attempt to copy daddy :)