Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What a week!

After what seemed like eons, my throat finally felt much better, but it didn't last too long. By evening, it was starting to show signs of pain again. Aaaargh!! I'm totally at my wits ends already!

And to make things worse, AIR2 is starting to show signs of flu. Adoi....

And AIR1's scratch on his nose seems to take forever to cure. Before it dries up, he'll scratch it again, and this process repeats itself daily. Oh boy, please don't leave a scar on the lil' boy's nose....

Thank God it's the long weekend. Mum & Dad will be around, we (hub, AIR1 & I) will be going for Terry Fox Run this sunday and let's hope things turn out well! Die die also I must go-lah...cos I helped organized it for a huge team from the office ;p

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