Monday, November 22, 2010

Raya Haji 2010

Something new this year. In-laws hosted the kenduri aqiqah and korban. Yup, 1 poor lembu will be slaughtered. This will be for both the kids.

Unfortunately it was kinda hap-hazard and I didn't have time to snap any pics. Photo above taken from here.

That was because we left KL to Kedah on the eve after work. Arrived approx 1am, and AIR refused to go to bed. We went in and out of the room twice and finally about 3am both of us slept in front of the TV. And he woke up at 6am after that. Oh boy...and the whole morning, while waiting for the sacrifice of the cow to take place, he was sleepy and was all moody and whinny. Up till about 10minutes before, he slept. So by the time I went to see it, already 'niat' (the intentions were already made) by hub with AIR2 there. I arrived in time to see the knife to the throat. ;p
It would've been interesting if AIR was awake to see this, seeing his current obsession with animals. Or would it be traumatic?
Then the day was full of taking care of both kids amidst entertaining (technically they entertained themselves, but I just answered questions when they asked me) guests (mainly relatives and neighbours). The two AIRs kept me busy. It was indeed a long day.
A trip back to the kampung is never complete if AIR doesn't go for his morning stroll chasing cats and hens/cocks. Somehow, this trip back there wasn't as many hens/cocks as the previous. And if the cock crowed, AIR would clutch on to me really tightly. Its really amusing. This time, he found some kittens beneath some racks. He wasn't even afraid of them. He immediately caught one and held on to it really tightly. So tight that the poor fella was calling out for help. The moment he let go, mama cat came and grabbed her lil' one away. But AIR didn't hessitate to give chase!
On one of the days, a leach 'visited' my foot. Luckily I felt something cold and moving, looked down just in time. Leach hasn't 'attacked' me!
It was a 4 day break and it coincided with the Penang Bridge International Marathon. I intended to run on Sunday morning before heading home to KL but after some re-evaluation of the situation (having to go outstation on Mon and a possible traffic jam on Sun), I decided to give it a miss and we left Pg on Sat night, after seeing the Malaysian doubles lose the gold medal in badminton Asian Games.
Thank God it was smooth sailing back to KL and AIR didn't wake up when we reached home.


isabelle said...

alhamdulillah settle.
tapi betul gak ye, albeit the obsession of our kids kat animals..kang dia tgk kena slaughter, dia kesian pulak.

reitak said...

aha, at this age, taktau la diorg paham tak...

Fong said...

ouchss.. our kampung had the lembu slaughtered siap2 kat kandang.. airs behaved yek???