Thursday, November 25, 2010

When women rise to the top

I thought this was a really interesting piece.

Check out this article from The Star, here.


isabelle said...

dulu dia BF anak2 dia x?
now dia ada maid tak?
kalo ada, atau kalo hntr anak2 kat parents...
i think it's nothing much to be proud of la.
thats already peace of mind.

reitak said...

article was more on support of husband towards a women's rising career and her family...cos by the time she was promoted, her kids were beyond 2y/o...

she used to have a maid but now its just the 4 of them, whereby the hubby takes care of the household when she travels for work.

eh all that said, kira my hubby lagi ok lah...dah my kids are still below 2, no maid, and he's a one-man show when I'm not around :)