Thursday, November 4, 2010

No brainer!

It is NOT a MAJOR issue when something goes missing from your desk at work, but when a whole roll of tape was taken off its dispenser, I AM MAD!

C' least have the courtesy to leave a note to say you've taken it or something of that effect, and not let the owner find out the next day!!

2 days later, a colleague comes up to me and gives me back an almost-gone roll of tape, and said so&so asked me to return to you. I'm like WHAT?? What's the point of returning an almost empty roll? might as well just throw it away and make dunno so at least I won't be so annoyed knowing that there's a dumb-a$$ out there with such a mentality!! Just because you're a bit more senior to me at work??


isabelle said...

uishhh...xde otak!!!
kalo i, harus i return balik kat org tu, saying "xpe la..u simpan la smp abis guna. nnt u ganti yg baru kat i."

hehe. agak2 berani x?

reitak said...

yg bestnyer, si 'senior' tu suh jr bg kat i, i trus tembak, 'buang je, wats the point of returning to me?'

a day later, the senior ckp kat i, here's ur tape, in case u were wondering what hapened. bongok tak? and I just told him, it's ok, throw it away.