Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sabah Chicken Rice

Sounds very erm 'grand' but the menu and the shops seems otherwise. It actually sells more than just chicken rice. hah!
But, the rice isn't very tasty. The chicken's quite nice and this place is actually erm like a typical Chinese 'tai chow' place. There's the one-dish-meals and ala-carte dishes you can order and have with rice. Nothing to shout about lah, but kinda pricey for a small town.
RM7 for a small portion of mix vege, RM4.50 for one portion of roast chicken, RM6.50 for a portion of clay pot noodles. Price is more like what I get in KL. Maybe we'll just go for the road side stalls tomorrow. Wanna see what the locals have here.
It's amazing that these people just like to do business in the dark. No street lights, but they will set up stalls by the road side. Nothing much to explore but luckily not all shops close at 9pm anymore. 1 more night to go.


isabelle said...

oklahh...boleh la explore 1 more nite.tapi mknn kat sana mmg mahal gak kan...

Dancing Ciken said...

amboi pandai ayam tu buat salam 1M

Fong said...

oder sepinggan mai!!!!

reitak said...

Isabelle, aha quite mahal...particularly this shop.

Jaja, have to lah..;p

Fong, takmo lah...tak worth it ;p Hence I didn't bother to snap gambo of the food :)