Wednesday, May 18, 2011

He's just so loving

Scene 1

Lil’ sister was crawling all over trying to catch mummy, while trying to get everyone ready to go out. Big brother goes to sister and sits in front of her and claps his hands while singing ‘ABCDEFG….etc etc etc’… with an occasional ‘CAK!’

It was indeed heartwarming.

Scene 2

Lil’ sister tries to crawl and grab fritters on the plate. Big brother says ‘No, Nana, No! Kim Poh (grandaunt) scold.’ It brought smiles to those around upon hearing this.

Scene 3

At the babysitter, when they are being dropped off, it has been a norm that lil’ sister will cry. She just doesn’t want to be left with no one carrying her. Today was no exception. I left asking big brother ‘Take care of Nana, ok?’ and he nodded. Shortly, lil’ sister cried. Big brother immediately took to patting her on her back, although he was still ‘half asleep’ J She kept quiet for a while and then later got distracted by something else while I sneaked out. Babysitter must have come to accompany her after that.


Dancing Ciken said...

ini post bodek soh i buat no. 2 cepat2 ni, muahaha. abang is sooo nice!

reitak said...

hahaha terasa pulak ye?

cepattttt!! jgn tgu lagi :)

yatie chomeyl said...

so sweeeeeeet

isabelle said...

pandai dia jaga adik.good boy!

Fong said...

smart boy!!!

reitak said...

thanks aunty-aunty...hope he'll still be like that as he grows up :)