Saturday, May 7, 2011

Traffic, traffic everywhere

It's strange because after many days here, I am not able to even load the Facebook page. I think it is banned here, just like in China. Oh well...Thank goodness blogging and my emails are still accessible :) Otherwise I'd be so disconnected!!

5 days gone, time to leave tomorrow. Thank God, flight's on a Sunday and there's no mad traffic rush. I would've thought my daily battle with traffic in KL was bad. Traffic in Saigon is worse. It takes between 1 to 1.5hr to get from the city to the industrial area, and that is if you leave at 630 or 7am. Any later, and it'll be worse. It took me 2+ hours to get back one day when I left the site at 5pm. On the day I left at 7pm, it took me 1+ hr too. Bear in mind, I wasn't even driving!! And motorcylists take almost 1 hr to travel 30km to work, according to my subcontractor, and that is because motorcylists get caught in horrible jams too!

rather old photo as now everyone wears helmet

To a certain extend, it makes me appreciate the KL traffic in a way :)

And one morning I witnessed a group of cyclists. My hats off to them. I wonder how the 'battle' with the traffic during their training sessions.

The amazing thing is - no one seems to be involved in any accidents. Intersections spanning 4-5 lanes each direction turns into a messy pool of motorcyclists and loud honking whenever the traffic light changes. I feel for the toddlers who ride with their parents. Some so young. But that's the quality of life there. Everyone dons face/dust masks.

Typical scene. Poor kid. I've seen a toddler sleeping on the bike. Building behind is the famous Cho Ben Thanh (Ben Thanh Market) - taken from

I haven't had the chance to ask/see, I wonder how much petrol costs here.

Rain, rain go away, mummy wants to go and play. :) Its raining and I wanna do my final shopping. It has rained twice today. I brought the first rain for the 'rainy season' when I first arrived - so says my Vietnam colleague. Then it was dry for 3 days. Short spurt yesterday and earlier today and now.

All packed and ready but with some space left for last minute buys tonight :)


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