Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Miss Saigon

Finally landed in Saigon. Before I came, colleagues, hubby and Dad told me -

1. It's impossible to drive there
2. Traffic really terrible
3. It's very French-like cos it was previously a French colony;


and my thoughts?

1. Doesn't look very impossible to drive, but I think its easier said then done. I kinda like how 'co-ordinated' they are, i.e. the motobikes are on the right side of the road, hogging almost 2 lanes leaving the cars/other vehicles to one. (Cars here are left-hand drive)
2. Yes, quite terrible, especially if you try crossing the road. I think only people from Penang or KL city can survive. If you hessitate, you'll never get across.
3. Yes, this place, minus the traffic (and the excessive motorbikes parked along the roads) and if only there were more ang-mohs, would definitely be Paris. Only if it was cool like in Paris too.

*sorry photos in camera and I didn't bring the cable/card reader. will try to take from phone tomorrow.

I was walking and walking ever since I arrived. Certain things are cheap, branded ones I mean compared to Malaysia. But I've held back, since I've not gone to the famous Ben Thanh Market yet. Staying in the heart of the city makes things easy. All within walking distance and the busy streets don't worry me, safety wise.

A bottle of 390ml (have no idea why the odd number...French related, perhaps?) Coke is less than RM1, to be exact, RM0.75 only! *jumps for joy*

Bong Sen Hotel, where I am staying, is right in front of the street, which houses many halal restaurants and a mosque. This includes 'D'Nyonya', a Malaysian restaurant. 'D'Angsana' in a foodcourt in the Parkson Shopping centre is also Malaysian. Don't ask me why the obsession with 'D'. I've already set my sight on a very unique Halal eatery for tomorrow's dinner. Other Halal outlets here are mainly the Indian shops. Yup, northern Indian food or Pakistani food.

But then, tomorrow my day starts at 7am. Yes, I have to report to my Vietnam branch office at 7am!! Gosh! It's actually within walking distance, less than 1km away, but with one cooler box and 2 other bulky boxes of equipment, I'm forced to take the taxi.

Can't wait for an early start tomorrow and hope to clock in some running milleage after work! (Gym is as good as the one in Sibu ;p )

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not that bad rupanya ekk