Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Something about Saigon

Vietnamese spring rolls

OK OK, it's not 'something about Mary' :)

Somehow, FB seems to be inaccessible from here. Lappy or phone both can't. I wonder why. Even Wifi from another location seems unsuccessful.

anyway, so I post up pics here instead.

A few days before I left for Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), another colleague of mine who just got back from a really really short trip to Hanoi complained she had nothing to eat. Yup, apparently Hanoi had halal food-drought. Well, I was more of the opinion that she wasn't as adventurous and she had a group of other colleagues (international, I must say) with her, so it made it harder for her to go food-hunting alone. So to be safe, although hubby has been here before, he told me to just pack 2 cans of canned food, just in case.

I'm staying right in the heart of town, right smack where all the branded shopping outlets are. And to my surprise, the street right across the hotel is the 'halal' street. Another street not too far away seemed to be the 'Japanese food street' complete with karaoke entertainment outlets.

2 of the 3 halal eateries are owned by Malaysian. But this one (Halal@Saigon) was my choice cos it had local fares.

The other, D'Nyonya was more of a Malaysian fare. I didn't come all the way to eat Malaysian food :)

My less than RM1 bottle of Coke...only if they had Vanilla Coke :)

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Fong said...

so nice d spring roll.. dlu i g, 1 miserable restaurant jer.. try all d halal food tau.. lapo lapo...