Friday, May 6, 2011

Ramblings of Saigon

The first time I met my colleague from the Vietnam office, I thought he resembled my ex-GM. Almost the same height and size and even style.

At site, when I met the supervisor of my sub contractor, he had an uncanny resemblance to someone I knew, but at that point of time, I just couldn't pinpoint. 2 days later, I recalled....he's an exact replica of my ex-bf. ;p Only thing, he's a wee bit shorter than I am (my ex was slightly taller than I am), and is Vietnamese ;p even the way he talks kinda resembles him.

Speaking of short, Vietnamese men are kinda short. Well, not all, but from the 15 people I have worked with during my stay here, only 3 are taller than I am and the rest, are either about my height or shorter. Oh well....

And since my site in within a manufacturing company, there are female and male production workers, most of them perhaps in the below 30 age group. either that, or they have young-looking genes. And ALL, with exception of the cleaners and slightly older women, wear their pants really really really low waist-style. Most are slim :) But I expected more...hehehe maybe modenization played its part in fattening them up ;p Genetics!!

They are nice people, though most of them can't really speak English. Even some of the hotel bellboys. Hope to snap some decent pics of the city tomorrow during my morning tour-on-foot :) most are night shots so far and not very nice.

Can't wait!

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