Monday, May 23, 2011

Mom & Baby's Day Out

This was Sunday.

AIR was told that there was 'horsey' ride. So he took me around the 'carnvival' area, looking for the 'horsey'. To his disappointment he couldn't find it.

It was actually across the office building. And when we found 'horsey', he refused to get on it. Refused any photos. Only after some persuasion, he touched the pony. It was actually a pony.

I felt for the babbies who were taking part in the 'cutest baby contest' as it was so hot and noisy out there. Thank goodness AIR2 was soundly asleep in his daddy's office :)

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Fong said...

rugi lar AIR2 tak join cutest bb.. sure ble menang nyer =)