Monday, May 9, 2011

Telekom Tower and it's twin

7am along Federal Highway (sorrylah, blur photo but note Menara Telekom)

6am Ho Chi Minh you notice the similarity in the two buildings?

The 'dish' on the 2nd photo is actually a lookout point. Tickets can be bought at approx. USD 15 per adult (wait a sec, or was it USD10?) to go up to the lookout point. It's the newest addition to the city and I was impressed. But didn't take many photos. It has 'water' surrounding the whole bottom of the building. It's called Bicotex or was it Bittomex (something to that effect lah, which I searched on the WWW but can't seem to find, must be my spelling). Very nicely lit at night, but didn't get a good photo.

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Fong said...

sempat gak u analyse.. huhu.. dasat..