Monday, May 2, 2011

'Out of office' Assistant

That has never been used more frequently than recently.

1 week of travel, 1 week back here. Another travel, another week here. Enjoyable it may seem, but it's worrying when you have to leave unwell kids behind. Pity the kids and the daddy. And knowing the especially-clingy AIR1 to me, I hope he'll not give daddy a hard time.

Back from Sibu, and I've only partially unpacked, to repack for Ho Chi Minh city. Excited. BUt then I feel abit daunting too as it's going to be my first site work alone, in a slightly different area and conditions. Pray that all will be well without hitches.

And of course pray that the kids will recover by tonight and so will not give daddy a hard time.

This wekeend's plans were partially aborted because they were down with flu and all of a sudden fever. Disheartening.

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Fong said...

sian nyer kat airs.. do take care tau.. enjoy ur trip =)