Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swim Lesson #3

It was another swimming session for AIR over the weekend and boy oh boy, I think he's doing really well.

For a start, the moment I put him in the water and he propped himself horizontal, tummy downwards, he started kicking. To my amazement and even to many people who were watching. Yup, and this time his kicks were quite strong, making small splashes and waves. He was having fun! Too bad no photos as I was alone with him.

Then I tried to tilt and wet his face sideways so he'd know what to do and expect next time if water gets to his face. And shortly after, he discovered the joys of 'drinking pool water'!! oh boy! I had to ensure he didn't gulp any...he kept lowering his head and wanting to 'taste' and drink more pool water on and off.

OK, so when he learns to sit without support (almost there) I will put him in his seat-float and see what happens.

He has yet learnt to move his hands cos he keeps holding on to my hand, though my hand is supporting his chest.

But later that evening after the swim, when I bathed him in his tub, sitting down, he splashed water with his hands...so another new discovery for him, I guess. Perhaps he'll learn to do that in the pool next.

No, no I did't get my share of swimming unfortunately..:(

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Fong said...

nasib tak swim dalam bathtub.. hehe..