Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I really don’t like ‘starting over’….seriously…
The interviews, then the agony of waiting for their responses and feedbacks…it is not fun.
So few weeks back, I had to go through all this. Ya la…If mum knew, she’d be giving me the longest lecture ever.

Thank God everything got through without a hitch…had approximately 3 interviews (including one telephone interview) and finally, the last one came through. Aiya the 2nd one, was actually looking for a marketing person. So not me….but actually, though now I’m in a better place, there are 2 more interviews…which I think I will have to just cancel.


  1. I’m tired of working with people who claim to recognize talents and when it happens, they have all sorts of reasons not to recognize it. In short – they’re just plain stingy and do not want to reward.
  2. I’m sick n tired or working in local companies (be it big or small), which will always have their family members in their company. Whether it’s the boss n his wife, or his sister, brother, inlaws, outlaws etc…
  3. I’m tired of companies, though already doing well, when it comes to bonus and other rewards, they just claim that they’ve not been paid, though as senior staff, you know the goings-on of the situation. Plus the fact that there’s pathetic increment. Or none at all!
  4. I'm also tired of companies who view those who work late are better workers. The fact should be that they may just be inefficient people!! And not know how to plan their time.

So I guess I have more than enough reasons to stay where I am now, although I’m just two days here…but it’s a good eye-opener and I’m glad this happened.

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Fong said...

People tend to scared getting out of comfort zone.. congrats that you get a better deal here..