Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm really lazy when it comes to facial and the likes. I buy a package for 3-4 treatments and it will last me like forever...luckily those places that I go to allow it as they dun have a 'use-by' date. Otherwise habislah! And I thought I was 1 super duper lazy person when it comes to facial.

My routine at home - seems almost non-exsitant and I do it when I feel the need for it or when I remember. Terrible, right? So I only do it outside and nowadays, I noticed the prices for all these beauty treatments have sky-rocketed.. Exhorbitant!! Terrible!

Few weeks back, my aunt gave me 2 of these vouchers. So I decided to redeem them last weekend. It's only an 'eye spa treament' worth RM200. Expensive, right? So nevermind...since its free and I've got puffy eyes and eye bag problem (made worse now with baby around), I decided to utilise it.

So, at the centre, while the lady was trying to analyse my skin to give me a custom-blend product to be used. I already know my skin is
  • dry
  • fine pores
  • due to the 2 above, hence I have very little (or almost none) pimple/acne problem
  • some blemishes/uneven tone (due to sun exposure and melasma)

And this lady was trying to convince me to convert the RM200 (as a discount) to either a facial treatment (RM360) or a diamond peeling eye treatment (RM420). Adoi, when I heard the price, I thought that it was crazy! No, no, I came here for the freebie, so I shall have the budget la..:) And so the eye spa I had...

I was totally relaxed...though the treatment was only about 45mins (yeah, mahal giler, 45mins for RM200) and its not a treatment, i.e. spa=relaxation only...okla, it feels good around the eyes after that...but looks almost the same before...keke, almost...

So far, I thought I was a super lazy person when it comes to a beauty regime...but I met someone (my friend obviously) who's also about the same...(hehe, jgn marah ye, you should know who I'm refering to) but I think she's more consistent when it comes to home treatment and DIYs...unlike me...

But, from June onwards...yeah, I'm begining to do it daily now....let's see how long this will stay...:P

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