Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Have I ever wondered that one day my life will be so colourful that when there are ups, it will be so high up and when the downs are here, it'll be so low down that the depth of the deepest sea is even no challenge to it?

Never have I thought that it'll be so much like in the movies...never have I thought that I'd go through so many experiences. Yeah, talk about variety is the spice of life, and if life is predictable, it'll be boring, right? Well, that's what people always say...so I guess my life is supposed to be interesting la kan?

Anyway, have you ever thought that why you are born to be who you are today? When I was young, I remembered thinking to myself, and then asking my mum, how come I have her as my mother and how come the neighbour's little girl is not my sister? Why can't the neighbour's family be living in the same house as we are and how come we have to have that wall separating both our houses? Won't it be better if we don't have the wall and we have a bigger house and more people living in it? Funny right?

And so different people lead and have different experiences in life...

So we grow up experiencing life differently...some had it rough and later enjoy their life...some may have gone through their best years of life growing up and then suffered later...some may just have an eneventful path...some all the way not so good...some just good all the way.

Its only 6 months into 2009 and so many things have happened...and I'm sure my path is going to be exciting with more challenges to come...

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