Monday, June 1, 2009


Late Friday at work and I was hit with a bomb - horrible news. NOt a good sign. No, no, I don't want to be part of the statistics. There I was preparing a post for this blog about the ups and downs of life, and I felt I was just tied with weights around my ankle and thrown into the deepest ocean. And no, my pathetic underwater skills isn't going to save me this time.

I was caught by surprise and shocked beyond words. All I could utter were some 'uh-hu, oooh ya?, hmmm, ic' and more uhs and ahs.

So the post on the ups and downs of life - 2 days later (today) and I'm not bothered to continue writing anymore. I'm just at the lowest point. If I write at this point, there will be nothing about the high points in life. I'll be just focusing on the low points. Seriously. I shall put that off up till my mood is better. Or the situation is better. I'm just not so sure.


isabelle said...


thanks for dropping by.
good luck too for the contest.

am about to post an entry for father's day contest. any suggestion of the prize?

isabelle said...

come join the contest...
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