Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mum!

Oops, to be exact belated la...30th May!

Since she is still on holiday, we sort of celebrated it much earlier...yup I took her for the buffet lunch the otherday...ha, that was it la...and supposed to wait till she gets back for the cake...:) I wonder if she's up to any...maybe I shall just surprise her when we visit her tomorrow...good idea? but what cake? hmmmm

Neways, I called my cousin in UK to wish her, but Mum and my 2 aunts were in Poland...alamak, jauh la I just told my cousin to wish her when she gets back (that was yesterday)...and soon, she'll be on her way back to Malaysia....tomoro...wah, time passed so fast!!

More than 5 weeks have gone by....

Everyday is a routine, nothing new...only now I've got a new mission...I smell a RAT and I wanna get away from it all!

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