Monday, June 1, 2009

Cutest Baby in Red Contest

I was so excited when I saw that Mom Blogger's Planet was having another contest...this time Cutest Baby Photo contest. Each month there will be a theme and this month it happens to be CUtest Baby in Red...and boy oh boy, I was thinking to myself - 'where on earth am I going to get a photo of AIR in RED?' He only has 1 (yes, you read correctly, ONE) red outfit...this red-stripped romper/body suit. Since Mummy does most of his clothes shopping and mummy not a fan of red, so only 1 so far...hehehe

There goes...introducing my lil' Prince...

Asrul Irfan Riley

(this is the first time I'm revealing his full name on this blog)

14th Jan 2009

So, which mum won't think that their pride and joy is the Cutest on the planet, kan? Well, for me AIR (that's the acronym for his name), whether he's in red or not, dressed or not, he's always game for a photo. When this photo was taken, he just woke up from sleep at a wedding reception. He's deemed by all of our friends as the best-behaved - that night (when the photo was taken) though he didn't nap earlier and was really, really sleepy, he didn't even cry, throw tantrum or make a fuss...all he did - lie in Daddy's arms and after his feed, he was lost in dreamland...I think this make him really cute...cos the moment we left the reception, and into the car, he started to make a little fuss.. This 18-week-old muchkin can 'control macho' pulak, kan?

Want to try your luck too? This contest is open from 1st to 15th June 2009. For more details please refer to Mom BLoggers Planet's page. Thanks to Mom Bloggers Planet, PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders for sponsoring the prizes for this contest. All the best!


Anonymous said...

waa..nampak lain sgt..dah nampak muka melayu betul ni..hehe..

Shykin said...

hai..ur baby beza 1 day je dgn baby i..

My baby 15 jan 2009.. deliver.8.16pm..hehe.Hosp selayang.