Friday, June 19, 2009

To Feed or Not to Feed?

Recently I noticed something rather strange. AIR sometimes refuses to suckle. Weird ain’t it? He’ll be on it then off it and looks at me and then turns to look all around him then when he feels like it, he’ll be back on it and it repeats itself. Anyone out there encountered this before?

Yeah, maybe he’s not very hungry, but that said, if I give him a bottle with b/milk (at that point of time), he’ll be on it. Weird eh? He’s only 22 weeks old now and this has been happening for about 2-3 weeks already, only more often lately.

On one hand I’m happy, but on the other – I do not enjoy pumping….kekeke what to do…

This is not something I look forward too, especially when I’m out. That’s because I used to be able to ‘relief the pressure’ when we’re out by just letting him suckle, but looks like now I can’t. So far, I noticed, unless he’s got no choice, then he will take to it. But at home, if he’s asleep (yah, during the night or his early morning feeds la), then he’s fine with it.

Hmmm something to ponder….I’m quite sure very soon it’ll dry-out…:)

Oh ya...Happy Father's Day to all daddies out there!! Its gonna be a weekend with all my 'fathers'....Daddy, Father-in-Law and well, AIR's daddy....:)

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