Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alvina Iman Ranya

Checked myself into labour suite #3 at 9am for the scheduled transfusion and induce (yalah, in view of wanting to deliver with my gynea and not anyone else...what to do, luckily baby & all were 'ready').

Long morning…blood only came at 10+am, 1st pint was quick, 2nd pint took more than 4hrs to finish. By 11 am I was hungry. Thinking I’d be given normal food, I was wrong. I was served tasteless porridge with some weird soup. Adoi. I looked at it and decided not to eat. Had milo instead. Asked hubby to buy porridge from outside as I was still hungry. Had the porridge and wasn’t feeling too good but didn’t think much about it.

At 5pm, pitocin drip was given. By then I was 3cm. contractions were consistent all the while, at about 5mins apart. Shortly after I felt nauseas and vomited all my porridge and whatever else that was remaining.

Just before asking for a painkiller jab, I vomited again. This time the remaining portions of whatever left, so technically tummy empty. By 8pm, I decided to ask for the painkiller jab. I was almost 5cm and was told usually 5 or more, they won’t give. But midwife gave anyway. But the pain was still there. Consistently increasing.

Drowsy but everytime almost dozing off, I’ll be jolted by the pain, and I was trying to make a mockery of myself to forget the pain, I’ll talk nonsense. Hubby was surprised that I was asking bout mosquitoes, food and then I kept asking baby to come out quick to see us so I won’t feel the pain anymore.

By 9-9.5cm, I had the strong urge to push. I was told not too in case I’ll tear a lot. I dunno but it was really hard to hold back. Painful to hold back and it felt much easier to just push. And I think I somehow at certain points did push and tear. :(

At 10cm when I pushed with all my might, somehow it just didn’t seem to make progress. After what seemed like never ending tries, I think it was 4 cycles, dr decided to use vacuum. And finally she was out. Relieved and oh my goodness, she was soooooo tiny. So tiny yet so difficult to come out :) I was thinking since she was tiny, it’ll be easier. How wrong was I!

Legs were quivering (I dunno why) and so was my mouth, like I was shivering. Everyone thought Iwas cold, but I think it was just muscle spasms reacting and I was kinda tired. Wasn’t sooooo bad the last time though I didn’t eat the whole 23 hours.

Ecstatic that finally the ordeal was over and we finally got to see our dear princess. Albeit much earlier than anticipated and no ‘nice birthday’ dates to choose from (EDD was 7th July, so quite nice...since induce, I would have thought we would have a better pick, but we were only left with the ONE day, after that, gynea is off), a healthy and dandy baby girl, Alvina Iman Ranya, was already born.


Fong said...

alhamdulillah semua selamat =) u looked abit tired in your photo, tp still manage to smile so sweetly =) congratss =)

LoveZahra said...

kecik2 cili padi nih..
syukur both of u safe & healthy, now happy confinement yek..hihi..
air1= asrul, air2= u col apa ek mummy

Dancing Ciken said...

thanks for sharing your second baby, take care mommy :)