Friday, October 29, 2010

3f's First Contest!

Free Books? I thought that was really generous of you. It caught my attention.

And from then on I was stuck.

In the first place, I don't remember how I chanced upon your blog, but it was definitely during one of those days when I had extra time and was blog-hopping. The 'Maysaa scarf' caught my attention and prompted my first connection with 3f's. Then I kinda kept it easy...not really 'visiting' you constantly, though I already started to 'follow'.

And from 'Free Books', I kinda stuck. I noticed we have similar taste in our reading. And I like your stuff about crafting. The post itself had nothing much, but just a photo of what was available. This short post, well worded to its intention portrayed the person behind it.

And subsequently I guess the person I imagined to be did reveal (eh, not trying to bodek, ok) when there was a problem with the shipment of our stuff and you sorted it out first without alarming us, until it was all over and done with. Can't thank you enough :) Back to the main topic, I somehow felt 'connected' via the books. I dunno why. Weird it may seem to some.
I suppose that post led form one thing to another and now I've also got myself a crafting-buddy (though I only intend to do simple stuff for my baby).

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ajjah said...

reita dear, thanks for joining my contest :)