Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kueh Teow Soup

Last night's attempt to make Kueh Teow Soup - passed! :)

Despite having to juggle 2 kids who refused to sleep or be left alone to entertain themselves (they always seem to know when I've got a task at hand), I managed to somehow conjour the soup and it was not too bad! (I blame it on my not-so-recovered-tastebuds that the soup initially was rather bland)

Because of the fact that I had to entertain 2 of them, bottle feed one and cook at the same time, my earlier plans of taking photos of the whole process was cancelled. Halfway thru chopping garlic, AIR2 cries. Halfway entertaining her, AIR1 decides he wants me to accompany him to watch Barnyard. Adoi....So I carted AIR2 into the room and so we all watched Barnyard while the soup manages itself in the kitchen :)

The rest of the meal (thank God only some cutting and chopping required) was only completed 1.5hrs later, after hub came home and AIR1 decided he just couldn't stay awake any longer.

By then, we were both too hungry and so the finishing also had no snapshots! :)

Maybe I'll take those shots in my next attempt.


isabelle said...

tadi baca blog org lain, tingin nak mkn bubur nasi la...kepok lekor la... ni asa gatal tekak nak mkn ketiau sup pulak.
duh!!! melampau betul selera i ni

Fong said...

hehe.. preggy got the license to eat.. =) i duno how i would manage.. now tq alot to my mum!!!

reitak said...

Is, makan jelah...:)

fong, hehehe juggling is fun, once you've mastered it, but not when you have a rumbling tummy. like today. sabar je lah...;p