Monday, October 4, 2010

Noooooo!! Injections!

My 'funny injection'

How does a child normally react to injections?

1. Small cry due to slight shock in the beginning, then no more cries after
2. Small cry in the beginning and for a short while later
3. Cry incessantly as it hurts very badly, normally in newborns
4. Tensed up limb suddenly relaxes once jab is done

Now, have u ever heard of a case where the child laughs out loud? Hahahaha

Took both AIRs for their jab (3 months for AIR2 and the booster for AIR1). Since the older is wiser, so he took the jab first. Sat him on my lap and held him. (dunno why that night the Dr didn’t have her assistant) but anyway, he saw the needle and he tensed his body. Dr already sprayed some anesthetic on him and he loved the cold feeling. Then suddenly after the needle went in, he relaxed a little and as the Dr injected the fluid, he started to laugh. Oh boy, the Dr and I was surprised. I guess the sensation of the liquid going through the leg /thigh is kinda ticklish, but we never expected him to laugh. Daddy in the other side was wondering what was happening. And AIR kept on laughing as is it was something very funny.

We had a good laugh at the whole incident.

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isabelle said...

owww.. boleh pulak dia gelak2 ye?