Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today, for the first time after having 2 kids, I went to the gym in the morning.

Fed up with the daily traffic inconsistency, no matter what time I left the house I will still seem to arrive at the nursery about 8am! hack! A complete waste of time on the road! What happen to arriving at 745am or even 730 am?

The jam along the East-West Link is getting ridiculous. Trying to slot in my already pathetic 20min run in the evening sometimes leaves me frustrated. Part of me want to go fetch the kiddos early, part of me desperately want that 20min feel-good-factor. Oh well, and finally, with a 30-day-pass, and some calculation and time shift, I decided to go back to what I used to do 2 years ago. Get myself to the gym as its doors open.

OKlah, technically, in this case, after the nursery opens :)

Felt good, in a way, though I didn't manage to squeeze in much of a real workout, but I think those weight machines (some pretty funky ones, which I've not encoutered 2 yrs back) did make me work it out!

Maybe I'll try to put in a run tomoro (but it's such a waste of a gym pass, if all I use is just the treadmill!). Haha the evil in me is suggesting more milleage so perhaps I can run the Pg Bridge half mara! Anyway, I will just utilise it to my advantage!

Can't wait for tomoro morning!!

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Dancing Ciken said...

jauh ke gym dgn ofis? lunch time?