Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still unwell

Think it's the season....so many kids are down and out with fever and the works!

AIR wasn't spared. All of a sudden he came home with fever, and that was 5 days ago. I thought my body was cold form the car air-cond, so when I asked mum for her opinion, she said he seemed ok.

Next day, the truth revealed. He had fever. For the first time, he gladly took his PCM and wanted more :) After two days, the lil fella was still down. His moods were getting bad, really cranky and crying at every other moment. Gosh, it was really mind-boggling. Stressed out man! He wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. I guess its the discomfort but everything he does that, its for no specific reason.

2 days ago, we took him to the clinic and his encounter with the antibiotic wasn't so nice. He refused. But he still gladly took his PCM. He barely ate, refused milk (unless he was sleeping) and oh well, his inflamed throat is no comfort, I guess.

Today, finally back to the babysitter again, I hope he feels better, stops screaming for no reason (he partially lost his voice already) and will not give the ladies there a hard time!

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