Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RM23mil were approved

Wait a sec!! How did RM23 mil get approved to 16 thousand students who didn't apply for these PTPTN loans??? Goodness!!

I'm totally lost for words! These are not mere 20, 30 cent loans but thousands of ringgit per student!!

It makes me wonder how come there is no system in existance here and it is even reported that the load agreement folders are just stacked up till the ceiling. This is utter rubbish!! No wonder they are 3-32 months late in even giving out notices for repayment!!

It's a shame! How do you expect people to pay you back when you don't even keep proper records in the first place? No wonder they just can't be bothered!


LoveZahra@Fazahra said...
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LoveZahra@Fazahra said...

mummy my ofis exactly facing 1 of ptptn ofis..everyweek nampak diorang usung stack of paper yg 5ft tingginya..and it's new loan agmt papers..