Friday, October 15, 2010

I want!

If you’re familiar with Bandar Tun Hussien Onn in Cheras, there is a MPKj branch office, the corner shoplot right next to a McD drive-thru.

Reached at 8am, when this office was supposed to open and at 8am, the doors opened. I thought no one was ready yet, but to my surprised, all the counters were manned and ready to go. (Now, that’s a rare good comment from me for a local authority office) AIR was sleeping (wasn’t well and woke up extremely early) but since I didn’t park right in front of the shop lot, I decided I had to carry him down. He awakened when I carried him.

After I finished ‘my business’, I walked to the car and he spotted the oh-so-famous Golden Arches. And he kept pointing at it. I asked him why? Want mum-mum? He small-laughed (hmmph not sure how to describe), which is his way of saying ‘yes’. I half the mind wanted to just ignore and drive off, but perhaps 5 minutes later will have to suffer his endless cries, so decided to just drive-thru and buy the breakfast meal. All he wanted was the hashbrown.

Yup, all because daddy has taught him well. :)

Daddy’s a fan of the big breakfast and especially when I was on maternity, the journey from home to the babysitter’s included a stop at a drive-thru once in a while. So guess who has been learning?
Now that's just at 21 months...
He's also got very good memory and recognition of places. He remembers SDMC (used to be SJMC) as where he saw 'nemo' one of the few clown fishes in the aquarium at the outpatient waiting area. (It was his monthly-visit to nemo when I went to see my gynea). Mind you, passing by SDMC on the outside, he kept pointing towards the building saying 'Mo, mo!' I was wondering what he was talking about, then I asked, 'Nemo?' he acknowledged. We were both too shocked to respond after that. Why didn't he relate it to his lil' sister? Or when we went to visit Fong Jr (Aydeen)?
Now in another 17 months, I'll compare this to AIR2 :)
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[-suziey-] said...

waa clever AIR..hehe..skang ni budak2 senang je nk minat ngn McD..hehe