Saturday, October 16, 2010

Suziey's Giveaway

the broken
the new
This is a waaaaay delayed post....

Thanks Suziey for the GA, and though the first one reached me broken (I have the pic, but it's in another place. upload later k, this is the replacement I got few weeks back :)

It caught me by surprise, the replacement, I mean....when hubby brought something from postlaju for me.

Tried to take a snapshot of it on my fridge, but I guess it was night time so the photo didn't turn out so nicely.

Neway, thanks once again!


[-suziey-] said...

syukur slmt smpai tnpa pecah :) hope u like it..

reitak said...

yup, thanks...ada ter-chip skit kat the large bottom petal...but all's well