Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Contest

Asrul Irfan Riley, 21 months

Hmmm seems like its been a while I've not joined any contest. Getting lazy, I guess :)
Not a very clear photo of the lil' fella but this photo was one of the rare days when he was wearing his PJs. Why? Cos he wasn't feeling well. This PJ was given by his grandma months ago, maybe even almost a year, but then it's long sleeves with long pants, so we rarely let him wear. He's a 'hot' boy. haha
He was still cranky (not feeling well), so when I gave him his water in the bottle, he just wanted to hold it. Took a sip and decided to clutch it and few minutes later, he eventually fell asleep holding it, all the way, from Damansara to Cheras! :)
Notice the black with grey border cloth? That's his must-have before sleeping. His blankie!
Now I wish I was curled up comfy in that seat instead of being stuck in the jam!!

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mummy_ayu said...

ok..take note ur entry..tq coz join & good luck!!