Thursday, October 28, 2010

Expensive investment!

I'm amazed at prices of things nowadays.

Running shoes used to cost in the rance of RM150-250 and you get really good ones. Now, it goes up to RM700!!!?? and some even more!

Tri-suit was in the range of less than RM250, and then, I thought it was expensive. Now, there's nothing less than RM400!!

Now, let's not talk about bike and its accessories yet, cos I've no intention of upgrading or getting anything. But I may have to get a new helmet if its gonna be more than a once a month affair. Will have to wait and see.

Thanks God I can still fit into all that I used to have. Who cares about being in fashion? haha

And with all that, how come my pay didn't increase two-folds from the last time I was actively tri-ing?


isabelle said... costs that much meh?
kalo i gemuk, definitely i'd just stay fat la nmpknya...

Fong said...

yup, u still in great shape =) hehe, i terpakse squeeze all the lemak into those thingy..

Anonymous said...

serius ke stuff became that expensive in msia now?

dgr aje terus takut nak grow out of shape, sebab sayang duit. hahaha..

org dok kata, there is no such thing as expensive investment if its a good investment. but this is just silly.

reitak said...

Maybe I exagerated abit on the shoes, but a decent good one is definitely rm300+. Gilerlah!! I miss my to afford now!!

Is, I guess we have to resort to other slimming alternatives then :)

Fong, ituler, sib baik it's 'expandable', except for wornout shoes lah.

Mama-miya, I guess if we really utilise it, it is good investment, tapi takan rm700 for shoes which will need to be replaced after 4mths kan?

Oh well...