Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What are you doing on 10.10.10?

October is my favourite month!

And its going to be 10.10.10 this Sunday! So, what have I planned? Join this run!

C'mon lets all go! It's just a fun run, 5.5km and I guess it's going to be my longest distance to date, running with AIR in his stroller. Keeping my fingers crossed that he WILL sit and enjoy the run! Let's run right through KL city (now, when else will you have the chance to do that?)

Everything about this event sums up to the number ten!
Distance - 5.5km (5+5=10)
Start time - 8.20am (8+2=10)
Start point - Lot 10

I'm excited. Though hubby won't be around, I guess it's ok. I'll drag him along for Terry Fox next!


isabelle said...

ganaz la u nih.
anyway, have fun ya

Dancing Ciken said...

enjoy your run, have a good weekend!

reitak said...

Is, awat ganaz? hehe re-living my pre-kids hobbies :) was KOM?