Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Unusual Marathons

This instantly caught my attention when I was browsing the newpapers few days back. Then, I didn't know where that page went and I found it again on the net....take a look..

1. Marathon Du Medoc (Medoc wine region, France)
This marathon passes 50 chateaux, features Bordeaux wine at the water stations along the route and
provides foie gras to runners in need of refueling.
(Wow....foie gras...I wonder what the entrance fee is like.)

2. Little Rock Marathon (Little Rock, Arkansas)
This race features a 'lipstick statoin' at Mile 26.1, so runners can freshen up before their finisher's picture.
The race also boasts the lasrgest finisher's medal, measuring 6.25 inches (15.6cm) by 4.25 inches (10.6cm).
(I think it'll take more than just 'freshen up at a station' to make me look good for the finisher's pic...hehe)

3. Walt Disney World Marathon (Orlando, Florida)
Half Marathon and a full marathon on consecutive weekend days in early January. RUnners who complete
both get a special 'Goofy Medal', named after Disney's famous canine.
(Hmm this, I don't mind taking part. Perhaps I'll plan my holiday to Disney World to coincide next time :P )

4. Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Popular with first-time marathoners and those who may have said they would run a marathon 'when pigs
fly'. The title also honours the city's hog butchering history.
(Erm, nothing spectacular, just the phrase, I guess)

5. North Pole Marathon (Norway)
Takes place deep in teh Artic Circle around the summer solstice, attraction about 40 runners. In 2007, the
temperature was -4F (-25C). One year, runners donned snow shoes because of a storm.
(Wow! Think I'll pass this, but it'll be an experience....)

6. Country Music Marathon (Nashville, Tennessee)
Some 50 contry artists perform on 28 stages along the course. A post-race concert was headlined last year
by Steve Cropper, a founding member of soul ban Booker T. & the MG's.
(Entertainment as you run, sounds good...)

7. Everest Marathon (Nepal)
At 17,000 feet (5,184 metres), it is the highest marathon, taking runners along mountain trails starting at
Everest Base Camp.
(I'd love to try scalling Everest, but perhaps not in a race...)

8. Athens Marathon (Greece)
Retraces the steps of the messenger Pheidippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C. to deliver
news of the defeat of Persian invaders.
(Erm, ok la...Mum, wanna join me? hehehe since you love history....)

9. Great Wall Marathon (China)
This race starts with a 3.1mile (5 km) uphill stretch, includes part of the Great Wall, and takes runners
through villages and rice fields.

10. Safaricom Marathon (Kenya)
Two 13.1 mile (20.1km) loops of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy game reserve.
(Sounds intersting. Do I get to 'meet' some special spectators on the way?)

I wonder if Malaysia will try to have one up on this list?

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