Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pasta Carbonara - finally

My intention to whip out Pasta Carbonara finally materialised (before the milk expired!!).... Well, I'd say it was rather simple actually, just make sure the egg and milk mixture is done properly, and after that, walla! it's done!

Imagine - I actually whipped it out for erm 'late tea' yesterday (in view of a late dinner) and then I made too much sauce so I had it again this morning for breakfast. Haha, so now I'm stuffed. And its amazing how fresh spring onions make the difference in the dish. I was too lazy to add the spring onions last night cos it was a miserably small portion, so instead I just sprinkled some parsley flakes (yeah, the dried ones). This morning, I decided to add the fresh spring onions, and my, my, my...it was awesome. The taste and smell of it was sort of enhanced. Yummy! I could do it again tomorrow. :D

And the best part of last night was - I had seafood pasta later in the night. Hehe yeah, this time the plate was piled full with squid and clams. Yummy! But in a tomato-based sauce.

When I got the carbonara recipe (okay, before this I had no idea what exactly went into the making of this dish other than cheese, milk, probably some cream and bacon and of course pasta la), I was surprised to find that it had eggs in it too. Then when I read the instructions/directions, I realised the egg isn't really actually completely cooked. And when I tried it myself I also noticed the same. Or does it? Well, I actually have no idea. My night attempt tells me it wasn't, but this morning when i did it again, it seemed to be, cos perhaps my egg&milk mix this time was better. Cos the night attempt had my carbonara sauce looking abit weird with bits n pieces of coagulated cooked eggy. Hmmm....but anyway, it's ok with me, whether its cooked or not. It was just my attempt at being cautious of what I take now and previously cos at my early stages of pregnancy, I was a huge carbonara 'consumer'. So if the eggy wasn't properly cooked, it's well, not encouraged....

Anyway anyhow, just hope that so far it's been so good, so it will be good! :D

No pasta tonight definitely...erm, I think.... :) hehe

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