Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Weekend That Was....

It was indeed a looong weekend with Monday being a holiday cos it was Hari Raya Aidil Adha...

Neways, our weekends started on Friday nite when we dashed off to watch the MM semi-finals. OK la, wasn't too bad and being on the 3rd row from the front, was indeed superb.

On Saturday, I wanted roti canai for breakfast. Yes, it's been sometime since I had roti canai. Eversince project in Sg. Langat completed, I think, so that would make it almost errrr 3 months? Yah...oh no, 4 months, since fasting month...but this place in TTDI just wasn't as good as the one I've always had. Nevertheles, it satisfied my 'crave' la.

Anyway, we were supposed to go on a road trip to Simpang Pulai for hubby's friend's wedding. Yes, it was a looong journey and the thoughts of stopping over at Cameron Highlands on the way back was there. However, the journey took longer than expected. There were just too many vehicles on the road and I think most were taking advantage of the long weekend and the Raya break. And unknowingly to us, we found ourselved stuck too. With a convoy of 3 cars, we finally met at the destination at about 3pm. So, there goes the Cameron plan, cos it was just not worth the drive up and down in such a short time. Plus, the weather wasn't very promising. It was drizzling on and off.

The best part of the journey back was, less than 30mins on our way back, I just dozed off....awaking at one point to really heavy rain and then continued sleeping again. Must be the nasi minyak earlier.

Sunday was a lazy-day....well, not exactly lazy, cos we were 'spring cleaning part 2'. That was after lunch la. When we finished, we headed off to the pasar malam only to be dissapointed that there were no 'ekors' or fish heads left for us....so there goes plan for 'sup ekor' or fish head curry the next day.

Selamat Hari Raya

Woke up early, and it was again raining. The type that looked as though it will rain the whole day. And indeed it did.

Went to the mosque, came back famished, ate something and just relaxed to some non-holiday tv programmes, which were quite boring. Then cooked lunch, without the sup ekor (unfortunately) and decided to go out. Hey, we were planning to go out since friday anyway...keke Since it was raining, the only places we could go were covered or indoor, hence it spelled shopping complexes.

So, KLCC here we come!

Got tickets for Twilight and window-shopped for a while before the movie. Window shopped only cos the pair of shoes I thought was nice was out of my size. Darn!

After that it was time for a feast! Yes, had Braised Lamb Shank...:) Yummy, this time not at my usual haunt but it tasted just as good...Mussels Au Gratin & Clam Chowder

Braised Lamb Shank

Clam Chowder was a bit of a disspointment but the rest were fantabulous!

Came home happy, contented and ready to put those tired feet up and just chill!

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