Friday, December 12, 2008

Road trip again

Looks like the weekend will hold another road trip for us....Last weekend, we headed to Simpang Pulai. This time it'll be to Teluk Intan. I'm thinking, can I extend it further up north? haha

Perhaps not. Since Mum & Dad will be here the following weekend and well, as much as I'd like to go home and meet up with friends who are back from overseas for the Christmas and New Year holidays, I think it's best I stay put around here.

We had Thursday off as it was Sultan Selangor's birthday. It was sleep-in and movie day. Bolt was quite good. Somehow it had small twists to it and made it interesting, more than just another animated movie.

The best part is now I realised (yeah, like a few moments ago) that my boss wants me to pop by the site tomorrow night during the shutdown. Hello?? Well, lemme see....if I pop by at 10pm, should be ok la, but if I'm expected to pop by at midnight, I think it's a big 'no thank you!'...Though it's just a pop-by and I'm not expected to do anything, I think it's wiser for me to not go...we'll see how things goes. Hubby will have to be dragged along.

It's really weird. I was technically on medical leave on Wednesday cos I went for my routine check up. And the best part (again) is that my boss can ask me to attend a meeting which he already agreed to attend the day before. Goodness! Well, I told myself that I'll go only if it didn't rain and luckily the office wasn't too far away from my house. It's getting ridiculous la!

Haha, I can smell the weekend already! :D

On another note, it's only now that I'm begining to feel preggy! hehehe yes, my ankles get swollen more often and this annoys me cos I like to walk alot. And I do get unexpected dizzy spells, even while sitting down. And I do feel the weight on me when I lie down now. At 34 wks, baby's 2.3kg makes its pressence felt. :D

Can't wait for the road trip, Mum & Dad and some long break to come!! :D

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