Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trip to the East

My boss told me that we'll leave at 8am. Gosh, that seems pretty early. But nevermindlah. So by 8am I was already waiting. Thank God I told ladyboss the night before to call me before she leaves the house, cos by the time she called, it was already almost 830am. And in between, I managed to doze off and slot in some 'The Guardian'.

So the journey began to Kuantan. Stopped at Temerloh Rest Stop for a break - nice nasi lemak they have there too. Actually it was the first time for me travelling to Kuantan via the newly (not so new now) opened Karak highway. I think it's been two years already? The last trip I used was up to Mempaga only. That was barely halfway point. The new stretch starts further from there. So gone were the really winding and some parts single carriage way where you have to crane your neck to checkout the oncoming traffic before overtaking. However, it did take about 3 hours for us to get to the meeting. I didn't dare sleep (luckily I wasn't sleepy then) cos I needed to know where the meeting place was and where was the site too.

After everything was over, while we had lunch, somehow something too me by surprise. My boss knew I took part in Fear Factor? huh? when and how? I'm puzzled. Cos right after I went to settle the lunch bill, as soon as I got back to the table, my boss said 'they' (those people we had meeting with and hence lunch) wanted to know how I got to FF and what I did. Oh boy, was I surprised. hehehe Uptil now, I dunno how he knew. Don't wanna ask la.

Didn't manage to enjoy the 'beach' hehehe

The journey back was nother 3 hours or so too....dropped by the site and then shortly after hitting the highway, I dozed off. Hope I didn't snore! hehehe woke up approximately an hour later, fully rested and energized. :D

Guess there'll be more trips down Karak Highway next year for me.

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