Thursday, December 4, 2008

Transporter 3

It is one cinematic experience I'll not forget - know why? Not because the cinema was superb, or the show was the best, but I was shocked that less than halfway through the show, I was perspiring. Well, that NEVER happened to me, throughout my whole preggy experience yet, but the fact that hubby wasn't even feeling the slightest bit cold tells me that it wasn't my thermostat gone wrong - but the cinema's.

Anyways, luckily the show and complimentary popcorn was distraction enough to make me sometimes forget about the trickling sweat...yes, it WAS that BAD....

We watched Transporter3, premier show before the release of the show today. Good action movie, but there were some unrealistic scenes and parts where the continuity of the scenes were not there. Go check the movie out and see if can spot them.

After that, Sup Ekor was waiting for us at home. Yummy....this time, really yummy (forgot about the pics) but then there were portions were meat was still relatively tough. Think it's either old ekor or it didn't spend enough time in the pot...

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