Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ah, I found it!

Hmmm I wonder if it's just me or is it that everyone is busy lately. Not as many online-active people are online lately. Perhaps all taken off for their year-end holidays while poor me, stuck here, with nothing much to do but just to fill up the office space for the moment.

Thank goodness my weird tummy has slowly recovered. Still got bits of that weird feeling though and I hope after lunch it'll just dissapear. I was worried last night as I had achy-joints and tired legs which usually leads to fever or something of that sort. Perhaps the lil' rub-down helped.

I'm still looking out for good deals and planning my holidays for next year. Amidst all that, few weeks back, I realised that I currently am allocated a really pathetic number of annual leave. SEriously, I don't remember when it became so little, but I never thought that it would be. Yeah, you guessed it - 8! miserably 8 only. The bare minimum which the Labour Law allows. Thank goodness, hopefully by next year it'll be increased. But goodness, it's gonna be a loooong journey to those 20-odd days in a year! Hah!

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