Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mid-morning Snack Anyone?

This is not a good sign....since yesterday, I noticed that I'm snacking (my so-called mid-morning snack la) because I'm bored and not because I'm hungry. Yeah, seriously. OK la, I was a tad hungry yesterday, and my mouth wanted to feel something sweet, so I ate that wafer. But today, after pasta for brekkie, I didn't even crave anything, but automatically bout 945am, I just had to open the drawer beside me and look for something. Oh no! Think since I'm down to my last 'snack', tomorrow I will have to prevent myself from doing this. This is NOT good!

Bored of surfing the net and doing some reading...hehe


Over the weekend, hubby received 3 wedding invitations from his friends, 3 consecutive weekends of eating, right after Christmas, through New Year, I'd say. Luckily they were all nearby, and not like last 2 weeks, those were far away....

And something just struck me - how come this year none of my friends got married huh? Erm, ok well, there was one in Penang and that was about few weeks back. Other than that, zilch! Not a good year? Or everyone still 'searching' and 'waiting'....

Speaking of which, it's really funny. This friend of mine la. He seems to be so aloof about it when I asked him about his wedding. I wonder why. Citing being busy perhaps is no excuse. We go back a long way, about 13 years I guess, since high school. He has along the way 'prospered' both physically and well, now emotionally la, now that he's happily married. Congratulations Logan & Pamela! May God bless both of you. (sorry la, it has taken me few weeks before I actually write bout it here - forgot la....:p)

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